We realized a 13 to 9 meter long truss construction with 40 d&b T10 loudspeakers and 4 Q-Subs. The loudspeakers were placed on three different layers. For signal distribution and microphone preamps Direct.Out provided us with some of their Andiamo converters. RME made a MadiFaceXT available. We used it as a central madi router. With the benefit of having TotalMix as a software based monitor-mixer for the in-ear mixes. Preamplified signals from stage were distributed via madi to the MadiFaceXT. For live-processing and mixing process we routed these signals to a ProTools HDX system to creatively work with plugins. The processed signals were sent via madi to an Iosono 3D Audio Core. This core was responsible for object based audio processing. The Iosono SAW running on a Nuendo DAW remotely controlled the core and were synchronized via timecode from the ProTools system. The processed object based signals were sent back via madi to the Andiamo D/A-converters on stage and distributed to 22 d&b D12 amplifiers.