The idea was to create a 3D audio live performance of a pop-production. The focus should be on the musical design of the production. Basically: Mixing as an art form. We do not want to reproduce music naturally, but to use the 3D system as a creative tool. We are aware that the acceptance for installing 10 or even more loudspeakers at home and moreover to place them in the right position is not quiet common. That was the reason why we discussed and created a 3D audio live-setup to give more people at the same time the opportunity to get an immersive audio experience. During our master thesis we developed different ideas and started with this kind of SketchUp draft which fits to TV studio venue in Stuttgart Media University.

We sent out this 3D visual draft and an explanation of our intention to different companies and manufacturers.
Round about 3 month later we were overwhelmed by the great support.

Let’s have a deeper look into our technical setup.